Company Profile


Glidepath Techno Solution is a handcrafted company dedicated to direct your hopes or ambitions towards achieving objectives. We are committed to deliver strategies and solutions par excellence in human resource, training, industrial relations and many more. Our passion lies in providing relevant, professional and cost effective solutions directed towards integrating, improving current business practices. We start by understanding the customer requirements and put our minds to find the solutions that match client need perfectly. GCS focuses in nurturing the most important asset-which is people. We work with operative, middle level & senior level management capacity needs. We engage across various industry segments for Multinational Corporation’s as well as leading Indian business. As our focus is people centric, we are able to serve a wide range of sectors including IT, ITES, BPO, KPO, Pharmaceuticals, Automobile, Banking and Financial services, Telecom, Insurance & Retail. GCS experts are well capable in the field of training, recruitment, staffing & HR solutions. Our team also works on developing a professional resume.



We intend to develop a brand that you can rely on. We foresee an organization that can partner across all divisions that provide ‘people-centric’ solutions. We will always strive to reach the pinnacle. Develop strength in our assurance, a smart team & deliver matchless results. To systematically verify every short – listed candidate, give full justice to every aspirant and assure the best outcome. We put our hearts in making available an honest and expert angle to every task that we perform them in Glidepath Techno Solution.

Our Solution


Our solutions are based on time-tested research backed by various logics, philosophies and proven techniques. We have developed a system that is cost effective and industry relevant. Our motto is to add value and promote a proactive approach towards improving the quality of our business.

Our Strength


Our strength lies in building relationships with the client. This helps us to assist different that are facing the challenge of coping with today’s complex workplace environment. With limited resources, money and time, it is important to look after staff and maintain their competitive edge.

Some of our specialities include:

  • Business Development and Strategy
  • Brand and Product Management
  • Web and Mobile Product Design, UX and UI
  • Strategic Planning
  • Social Media Platforms, Social Media Channels
  • Mobile Platforms, API's
  • Project Management, Integrated Marketing, Content Marketing
  • Digital Properties, Content Aggregation, Social Media Marketing and Monitoring